3 Most Common Ways To Remove A Stump

After you cut down the trees in your yard that you don't want, you are left with stumps that have to e dealt with one way or another. When it comes to dealing with the stumps in your yard, you have a few different options. You can use chemicals to decompose the stump, use a backhoe to remove the stump, or you can hire a stump removal service to come out and grind up the stump.

Option #1: Chemical Decomposition

The first option you can choose is the chemical decomposition method. With this method, you basically use chemicals to help speed up the decomposing process. With chemical decomposition, it can take weeks for the stump to decompose instead of years.

Chemical decomposition is best done when the weather is dry. Holes need to be drilled into the stump across the top of the stump, and along the sides of the sump as well. Then, chemicals are poured into the drilled holes, which will break down the stump. This is an effective method for getting rid of a stump. If you choose this method, you need to keep pets and small children away from the stump while it is decomposing.

Option #2: Backhoe Removal

The second method that you can use is the backhoe removal method. With this method, you hook a chain around the stump, and then attach the chain to a backhoe. You then use the power of the backhoe to rip the stump right out of the ground.

This method usually works best with trees that have surface root systems or that have root ball systems. You can use this method with deciduous trees and conifers. This is not the best method of removing tree stumps with deep roots. Regardless, backhoe removal can be really messy, as it tears up the ground around your tree.

Option #3: Grinding

The third method that you can use to get rid of the stump in your backyard is stump grinding. With this method, you hire someone to come out and use a specialized piece of equipment called a grinder. A grinder is a piece of equipment with a couple of large blades on it that is capable of digging into the ground and turning the stump and its roots into compost material.

Although you can rent a grinder from a home-improvement store, if you don't have experience using this type of equipment, it is usually best to hire a service to grind the stump up for you.

If you have recently cut down some trees on your property, and have some stumps left over, you can chemically decompose the stumps, pull them out with a backhoe, or hire someone to grind them up.