Oak Tree Getting Large? 2 Things You Can Do To Keep The Tree Healthy

If you have an oak tree in your yard, and it is getting large, you need to do some maintenance to the tree to keep it growing healthy. Below are two maintenance tips you can start out with.

Trim the Tree

If the oak tree has not been trimmed in some time, this can cause the tree to have issues growing correctly. This is because the canopy becomes so full that the sun cannot shine through it to provide the tree with much-needed sunlight. Also, when it rains, the water cannot get through the tree's foliage to provide water to the roots of the tree.

Not trimming a tree can also result in branches becoming weighed down. If this happens, the branches could fall off which can cause not only damage to the tree but can cause damage to anything the branches fall on or injury if there is anyone standing near the tree when the branches fall.

You should not trim your oak tree on your own as this can be dangerous. You could also cause many more problems if you do not trim the tree in the right way. Hire a tree trimming service to trim the oak tree as this will ensure it is done correctly.

Fertilize and Mulch

Fertilizing your tree is an important part of keeping your tree maintained. The type of fertilizer you use depends on the type of tree you have. Visit a local nursery and tell them you have an oak tree and they can help you choose the fertilizer that will work best. There are powder fertilizers that you spread around the base of the tree that are easy to use.

You should fertilize your tree in the late fall as this is when the tree will be dormant. Spread the fertilizer that you purchased evenly around the base of the tree. When it rains, the fertilizer will soak into the soil. You can also water the tree on your own slowly to help the fertilizer mix in.

Along with fertilizer, you should mulch the tree, as the mulch will help keep moisture for the tree. When you mulch, place about three inches around the tree. When finished, push the mulch about three to five inches away from the tree. This is so the tree can get sunlight and moisture from the rain directly into the soil. 

The tree trimming service company that you hire can give you more maintenance tips.