Did You Get A Notice Because Your Yard, Grass And Trees Are Overgrown? What To Do Fast

If your house hasn't been taken care of properly on the outside and you have gotten a letter from the city reporting that your overgrown landscaping could result in a fine, don't ignore the warning. Instead, you want to leap into action and take some pride in what you own.

There are some things that you can do on your own, and other things you may need to outsource to the professionals. Make a list and put these things on the top of your list to get done.

Tree Trimming

Talk with the professional tree trimmers in your area about how you can trim the trees to help prevent debris and damage to the house but will still help the tree look lush. Regular or annual trimming is the easiest way to prevent dead branches from falling, to help overgrowth, and to improve the look of the outside of your home.

Stone Instead of Mulch

Faded mulch can be an eyesore. It can also attract pest and cause water problems around the house. If your home has faded mulch or areas where mulch used to be, it's time for rock or stone. Remove the debris or faded mulch from around the home.

Put down a vinyl liner in the area where you want the stone around the house. Dig the edges out properly to prevent the stone from shifting as well. Then put down the stone or rock that you have picked out. This looks neat and is a high-end option for around the home.

Trim Where Needed

Mowing alone isn't enough. You need to be sure to trim around the fence lines, landscaping outlines, sidewalks, and all around the home. Mowing the yard with straight even lines and at a short height will be overlooked if you don't trim. This should be done every time you mow.

You don't want to get fined because you don't take care of the landscaping around your home properly. You need to start trimming around your property and you want to make sure that you trim the trees and have everything pruned once you've mowed your lawn. If the grass is so high that you can't get through it with a normal lawnmower, you may need to have a company come to your property and use a commercial mower to get it cut properly and to make sure you can get through the brush.

To learn more about tree trimming, contact your local tree service.