What You Need To Know About Arborists

An arborist is a professional who deals with planting, maintaining, and caring for individual trees. Hiring an arborist doesn't only avoid damage to property and injury to people, but it also prevents irrevocable damage to your trees. Here are some of the basic services you can expect from an arborist.

Tree Removal

Arborists know how to perform a tree risk assessment and will give you an opinion on whether tree removal is necessary. If the tree is irreparably hazardous, tree removal may be the best mitigation measure. Tree removal is also appropriate for dead trees.

When replacing one tree with a different tree, tree removal is recommended. An arborist will also advise removal if the tree is harming other trees or crowding. Trees that are improperly located in a development or construction site also need to be removed.

Insect and Disease Control

An arborist is also involved in restoring the health of trees. One of the methods that the professional will use to regain tree health is spray treatment. After a thorough diagnosis, an arborist will choose the appropriate product to eradicate pests and fight tree diseases.

Many homeowners attempt to fight off insects and diseases by buying insecticides and other treatments. However, there is a lot that goes into insect and disease control. First of all, professionals monitor environmental cues to find the right time to administer treatment. For example, rainy or windy conditions are not ideal for insecticide treatments. A professional will minimize the chemical levels required to resolve your problem.

Tree Pruning and Stump Grinding

Tree pruning and lopping involve removing the branches of trees and the downsizing of trees. These procedures are performed for safety or aesthetic purposes. Hiring an arborist will ensure your trees are pruned and lopped skillfully.

When a tree is removed, a stump is left behind. It can be quite difficult to handle this stump, especially if it has strong roots. These unsightly stumps require the appropriate grinding tools to remove them. An arborist can help you get rid of these stumps properly and swiftly.

In Conclusion

Trees are a beautiful sight in any homestead, but to improve your home's aesthetics and remain appealing, you need to care for them properly. While there are tree maintenance tasks you can handle on your own, some major tasks require an arborist's skills. The main services you can expect from an arborist include and are not limited to tree removal, insect and disease control, tree pruning, and stump grinding.

For more information, contact a local tree service.