2 Problems You Might Run Across With Your Sprinkler System

If you have a large yard or garden that you need to make sure stays watered, you may have decided to have a sprinkler system installed. Installing a sprinkler system makes it easier for you to keep everything watered because you aren't going to have to haul a hose around to get to all the distant areas. You can also schedule the sprinklers to turn on at a set time and for a set time. When something happens to your sprinkler system, you want to know that you can troubleshoot some of the problems. If you can figure out what's going on with your sprinkler system, you may be able to make it easier for the repair tech when they come out to repair the system. 

One Sprinkler Head Not Functioning

A sprinkler system is made up of several sprinkler heads, so it's possible that one sprinkler head can stop working while the rest of the system is working fine. The head might not be working because it's not popping up, or it might be having issues with spraying in all the areas it shouldn't be and none of the areas that it should be. If you are concerned about a particular head, you need to be prepared to get a little wet, because first, you need to find out if it is coming out of the ground as it should. Turn on the system to see if the head pops up. If it doesn't, then check to see if something is blocking it. Even something small covering the sprinkler can cause the head to not emerge. If it does come out, then you need to check to see where it is spraying. 

All Sprinklers Not Spraying

Another issue that you might run across with your sprinkler system is that all of the heads are having problems with extremely low sprays or not spraying at all. This can indicate a problem with your water pressure. Low water pressure can be a sign that you have a leak somewhere in the system. What you need to do is walk your yard and see if there are any really soggy spots or places where you might hear gurgling. Mark those areas so that you have the service tech check them out. 

If you have a sprinkler system that is malfunctioning, you need to get a repair service out as soon as possible, because it can cause you to lose a lot of money in water usage, as well as putting your yard and garden at risk of drying out. 

For more information on sprinkler repair, reach out to a local repair technician.