3 Things To Ask When Hiring A Tree Removal Specialist

Getting rid of a tree in the yard is a lot easier when you hire a tree removal specialist. Here are three specific things to ask when hiring a service provider to get rid of your unwanted trees:

Are The Stumps Removed Too?

Not all tree removal specialists will remove the stumps of your trees. It all depends on the location, the landscape, the type of tree, and the scope of the job. If your service provider does not remove and dispose of your stumps, you may have to plan your landscaping around them. 

So, if you want your stumps removed along your trees, make sure that your service specifies in your work order that the stumps will be taken care of. Otherwise, you may end up with stumps left behind after your service provider leaves with your old trees.

What Will Be Done With The Dead Material?

Once your trees have been removed from the ground, what will happen to the material? Will you be left to figure out what to do with the trunk, stump, limbs, and leaves, or will your service provider get rid of it all for you? Do you want the tree chopped down into firewood-sized pieces for winter? Would you like the trees to be mulched so you can use the material in your gardens?

If you just assume that they will know exactly what to do, you may end up disappointed. Whatever your wishes are, make them clear to your service provider. They should be upfront and let you know what they will or won't do for you. From there you can determine whether they will meet your needs. 

Is Landscaping Assistance Available?

Another important question you should ask your tree removal specialist is whether they offer landscaping assistance. Once your trees are removed, you will likely be left with holes and dirt that are not attractive. Your service provider may be able to fill in the holes and plant new grass, as well as teach you how to take care of that grass.

If you prefer to have a new shrub, plant, or food garden planted in place of the tree that has been removed, your service provider should be able to handle most of the legwork for you. At the very least, they can send one of their landscapers out to assist you with your landscape refurbishment project. Contact a tree removal service for more information.