The Pros And Cons Of Having Your Yard Sprayed For Mosquitoes

Nobody enjoys having tiny, blood-sucking insects biting at their ankles and neck while they're trying to relax in the yard. And yet, for many Americans with mosquito populations in and around their yard, this is the unfortunate reality of summer. It doesn't have to be this way! Pest control companies often offer mosquito services, which can get rid of many or most of the pests, allowing you to relax in your yard again. Here are the pros and cons to consider before you call and arrange for this service.

Pros of Mosquito Spraying

1. It's fast and hands-off.

Many other mosquito control methods require a lot of work or ongoing input from the homeowners. But with spaying, the pest control company comes in, does the job, and heads out again. They may need to come back a couple of times and re-spray, but that still doesn't require that the homeowner do anything. Spraying only takes the pest control technician a short while; even a large yard can typically be sprayed in less than an hour.

2. It actually kills the mosquitoes.

Many mosquito control measures rely on repelling the mosquitoes to keep them away. That's what citronella candles do. Spraying for mosquitoes, on the other hand, actually kills them, which means that there will be fewer mosquitoes around to bite you. They won't be waiting around to attack the moment some repellent wears away.

Cons of Mosquito Spraying

1. The insecticide will kill other insects, too.

The insecticides used to kill mosquitoes are not selective. In other words, they kill most or all insects, and not just mosquitoes. This means that even beneficial insects, like honeybees and ladybugs, will be killed. While killing a few of these bugs in a yard here and there may not be a big deal, over-use of mosquito sprays could have consequences.

2. You'll have to be careful around residue.

After your yard is sprayed, there will be insecticide residue on your surfaces. You'll need to be careful around these surfaces; you won't want your kids to touch them or your pets to lick them. It's generally recommended that you don't have areas where kids play sprayed.

To learn more about mosquito spraying, talk to a pest control company about this service. As long as it is done sparingly and away from kids' play areas, it can be a good way to keep the mosquitoes away.