Preparing Your Lot For Excavation

If you have a lot you want to build on, you must prepare it for excavation. Preparation is important for the excavation to go smoothly. You can't start digging without making a plan and clearing the site. If you have raw land you want to build on, continue reading to learn more about the steps you need to take before excavation.

Design a Plan

Take a look at your lot and visualize where you want things to be. Think of where the driveway will enter and where your front door will be. If you are designing a business, think about how big a parking lot you will need and which direction the building will face. Get a site survey as well to ensure you can do what you plan to do. The surveyor will use markers to direct the excavators on how the land will be laid out.

Test the Soil

Some municipalities require soil and geologic testing before you can excavate. Some of the testing is to ensure you don't have soil contamination. Also, testing makes sure the soil and ground can handle your building. You want to make sure your building won't sink into the ground after it is built. Soil and rock tests also check for how absorbent the soil is and whether the site is likely to flood.

Mark Off Utilities

You will need to contact your local utility companies before you do any digging. The utility company marks off where and how deep the utility lines are. Checking for underground utility lines is critical for safety reasons. If the excavators don't know where the lines are, they could rupture a gas line. Not only will work need to stop, but the neighborhood might also need evacuation.

Clear Trees and Bushes

Before the excavation company can begin work, the land will need clearing. Some plant materials, like tree stumps, can be difficult to remove. You may need the help of a tree trimmer to remove some stumps and bushes. In addition to tree stumps, you will also need to clear junk and parts of former structures like foundation slabs.

Your local government may have additional requirements before you can excavate. You may also need to get special permits if your lot has unusual features or zoning issues. A good excavation company will know what to do and help you through the process. Some companies are also experts at clearing lots and removing tree stumps and their underground roots. Give your local excavation company a call to see what land excavation services they offer.