3 Reasons Why Winter Is A Great Time For Tree Trimming

Tree trimming brings several benefits to help improve the look and health of your tree. To get the most out of these benefits, ensure to schedule the service regularly throughout the lifecycle of your trees. 

If your tree's branches pose a safety risk or may potentially cause property damage, then you should not wait to call your tree care company. Outside of these circumstances, you will do well to schedule tree trimming for the winter for various reasons.

1. It's Easier 

Trees lose their leaves in the winter. The tree trimming services crew will have an easier time working with a naked tree as it's easier to identify and access the branches that need trimming without obstruction from the leaves. 

At any other time of the year when your tree is well covered with leaves, tree trimming services will definitely take longer. For a tree service company charging by the hour, which is usually the case, you can be sure you will end up spending quite a bit.

2. Better Protection From Pests 

Tree trimming will leave your trees with wounds that are exposed to insects, which makes your tree susceptible to infections. The insects and other pests may carry serious damage that can severely impact your tree's health. During winter, most of these disease-carrying insects and pests are largely dormant. Trimming your tree during this time carries a lesser risk, and you can look forward to your tree healing up well.

3. Maximize Growth Cycle in Spring

In the winter, trees go into a state of dormancy, much like how some animals hibernate during this time. In this state, your trees preserve their energy. Tree trimming during this time maximizes the growth cycle come springtime as the trees will have so much energy once the conditions change. 

Additionally, your tree will be under less stress from pests, as already highlighted. Less trauma and full healing after trimming will ensure your tree is in the best condition and ready to get into the cycle of healthy growth in Spring.

Do It Right

As outlined, there are several benefits to scheduling tree trimming in the winter over other times of the year. Equally important is ensuring you always get the trimming done right. Do it yourself, and you are bound to make some serious mistakes.

To find out more information about when to trim your trees, contact tree trimming services in your area.