5 Tree Removal Methods To Be Aware Of

Do you have a tree on your property that you're looking to remove? If so, know that you may be in over your head if you decide to do it alone. Here are a few methods that are used by a tree removal specialist. 

Tree Cutting

The most basic method is tree cutting, which is exactly what you think it is. The tree will be cut at the base of the trunk using a chainsaw, and then the tree will eventually fall down to the ground. It is a method that works best for small trees that have plenty of space to fall down. 

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a similar technique to tree cutting, but it is one that requires specialized equipment and more technical skill to pull it off right. That's because tree felling is when the tree needs to fall down in a very specific direction, likely because the tree will collide with another tree, a home, or some other structure. Professionals use a combination of rope and wedges to control the fall of the tree so that it lands in a safe area.

Crane Removal 

Very large trees can be removed using the crane removal technique. It's necessary when there are too many structures around the tree for it to fall to the ground safely, so the tree is removed in small sections instead. A crane will latch onto the portion of the tree high up while someone cuts the tree below it. Once the section of the tree is free and clear, the crane places the section safely on the ground. The process continues until the tree is gradually removed, or it is safe to use a tree felling technique to remove the remainder of it. 

Chemical Removal

There is an option to use chemicals to remove a tree, which is done by placing them along the roots and trunk to slowly kill the tree over multiple weeks. The tree becomes much easier to remove in a weekend state, which works great for very big trees that would be difficult to cut through. However, it is not recommended to use chemicals to remove a tree when there are surrounding trees and plants in the area that you want to keep.

Stump Removal

Every tree will have a stump that needs to be removed afterward. A tree removal service will grind the stump down, manually dig it out from the ground, or rot the stump with chemicals so that it is much easier to remove. 

Contact a tree removal service in your area to learn more.