4 Warning Indicators You Need to Remove a Tree

Trees boost curb appeal and provide much-need natural shade on sunny days. In addition to that, a grove in your home purifies the air around it. After enjoying these benefits for many years, it's easy to get a sentimental attachment to your trees. However, a time will come when they will lose their value and no longer serve their purpose. At that point, you'll need to hire a tree removal company to bring down the affected trees. This guide shares some instances when it's necessary to seek tree removal services

When a Disease Attacks Your Trees 

Though trees are resilient, they are not entirely resistant to diseases. For instance, fungi and mushrooms can invade your trees, leading to adverse effects. A fungal invasion causes the leaves to lose their color and begin shedding. The disease can quickly spread to the trunk and roots if not addressed in time. As a result, your trees will become unstable and dangerous. Therefore, it's advisable to remove a diseased tree immediately to prevent it from spreading to the healthy ones around it. 

When Trees Grow on a Dangerous Location

It would be prudent to remove dangerously leaning trees close to walking areas for safety reasons. Remember that such a tree can fall unexpectedly, harming pedestrians. This unfortunate event can attract liability charges. Additionally, trees situated near power lines can contribute to fires. In these instances, removing the trees helps to mitigate the risk.

When a Tree Dies Out of Disease or Old Age

It's no secret that a tree reaches the end of its lifespan. You might start noticing crucial signs like massive leaf shedding. In some tree species, the leaves do not grow back when they die. The most subtle sign of tree death is that the tree becomes overly dry and no longer flourishes as it used to. These pointers show that your tree is no longer healthy or functional. You need to hire a tree removal company to check it and cut it down before it turns into a safety hazard.

When You Notice Unsightly Holes in the Trunk

Insects can infest your tree's trunk and create noticeable holes. These cavities are a sign that your trunk is decaying. Eventually, the decay will spread to other parts of the plant and cause it to die. Besides, the cavities on trees make them look unsightly. As such, they can be a turn-off for potential buyers of your property. So on the first sign of cavities on the trunk and pest infestation, call your tree removal company to get rid of the tree. 

You shouldn't ignore the above signs since they can have devastating consequences. Instead, call your tree removal company to cut any tree that is no longer effective.