Dead Tree? Don't Let Nature Take Its Course

Out in the forest, trees die all of the time. Nature then takes its course. The dead tree may eventually fall, and bacteria and fungi will consume much of it. Since this is what happens naturally, you may be tempted to just let nature take its course if there's a dead tree in your yard. However, that's not the smartest approach. It's usually best to have a tree removal company come to remove the tree—for the following reasons.

It's hard to predict where a tree will fall

Often, homeowners will look up at a dead tree and try to analyze the angle at which it might fall. They may figure it will fall towards the back of the property, rather than on their home, and use this as a reason not to bother having the tree removed. They might be right about the direction the tree will fall—but they also might be wrong. Predicting which way the tree will fall is hard and may require a lot of calculations. Plus, factors like a change in the direction of the wind come into play. Rather than cross your fingers and hope the tree falls in a "safe" place, it's best to have it professionally removed.

Most dead trees are diseased

Most trees do not simply die of old age. It's usually some tree disease that gets them. The tree could have had root rot or butt rot, or it may have been infected with oak wilt or walnut blight. The pathogens that cause these diseases do not just disappear when the tree dies. Instead, they can hang out in the wood for a while. As long as they are there, they can spread to other trees nearby. That's nature, but it's not a good idea. Having the tree removed will help prevent disease spread.

Dead trees attract wildlife and pests

Termites are natural. So are woodpeckers, squirrels, and possums. Seeing one of these animals now and then might be okay, but you don't want them moving onto your land full-time. Dead trees tend to attract them, so removing your dead tree is a wise choice for pest control reasons.

Letting nature take its course is not always as good of an idea as it might seem. If you have a dead tree in your yard, it's best to rely on tree removal companies, not nature. Reach out to a local tree removal service.