Add Accessibility To Your Yard By Removing Old Stumps

Proper upkeep of your yard can be an overwhelming task, especially if you or anyone in your home has mobility concerns. If accessibility is a priority for your property, it's good to make changes to your landscaping. 

If your yard has stumps present from trees that were previously cut down, consider the following reasons why you should have them removed. 

Possibility of Injuries 

A common concern with yards that have overgrown grass and other plants is a higher chance of items and debris being hidden. If you have any stumps on your property, this can be an injury waiting to happen with a high risk of trips and stubs. 

Instead of worrying about injuries being a problem, look into the difference of having a stump removed. Without any trace of a stump left behind, you can avoid issues where there's a stump that appears hidden around shrubs or tall grass. 

Having a stump removed also frees up open space for you or your family to enjoy running around and playing games outside without a trip hazard present. 

Keep Pests Away 

One issue to consider is pests and how drawn they are to stumps. Since you may not want to introduce harmful pest-killing products in your yard, but still want to keep pests away, having stumps removed can significantly reduce their presence. 

Termites and other insects, as well as snakes and rodents, can all find stumps an appealing shelter to use. Having stumps removed by a professional will eliminate this option and clear up your yard from another pest source. 

Avoid Property Damage

One primary concern you may have over having stumps in your yard is that the roots underneath can continue to grow. Eventually, the roots can make it challenging to do more landscaping since they can affect pavement, pipes, and other plants. Having stumps removed can ensure that the risk of most property damage is significantly reduced. 

Since it can be challenging to remove stumps entirely on your own, you'll need to have it taken care of by a professional since they will ensure that every part of the tree is removed. 

You may be curious about how to make your yard more accessible for you and your family. If you want to reduce maintenance and have concerns over pests or property damage, consider the above reasons to schedule stump grinding. The open space left after stumps are removed will ensure that you'll have more room to do what you want with landscaping. 

To find out more, contact a company like COTTS.