Reviving An Overgrown Landscape: 3 Tips

Do you have a landscape that has become overgrown and messy? Chances are there are shrubs that are several feet taller than they should be, trees with broken limbs, and maybe even some bushes with dead branches hidden within them. A big part of reviving the landscape will be working with a tree trimming company to prune and rehab the trees, bushes, and shrubs. Here are a few tips that should help you out with that part of the work.

Make sure they can access the trees and shrubs

Having the trees and shrubs pruned should not be your first step in this landscaping rehab project. First, you want to clear out the brush and any trash to ensure the tree care company is able to access the trees. If they come out and can only reach a few trees, then you'll need to have them come back a second time for the rest of the trees. It's easier and more cost effective to have everything trimmed in one appointment, so don't call them until you're sure they'll have access.

Wait until early spring or late fall, if possible

Chances are many of the trees and shrubs in this landscape are already unhealthy. Trimming them in their peak growth season, which tends to be late spring or summer, may further compromise their health. They'll fare better if you wait to have them pruned until either early spring or late fall. During these seasons, the plants' sap is not flowing as much, so they won't lose as much sap when they are pruned. Insects are also less likely to be out, about, and attracted to the sap that seeps out. 

Be open to having some trees and shrubs removed

A tree care company will do their best to remove all unhealthy, broken, and diseased branches from the overgrown trees and shrubs. But there may be times when removing all the damaged growth will leave very little healthy growth behind. In such cases, removing the tree or shrub may be the better option. If your tree care company recommends this to you, be open to it. You can plant new trees to replace those that are removed.

Rehabbing an overgrown landscape is not easy, but a tree care company can do a lot of it for you. Be open to having some of the plants removed, and try to schedule this service in the spring or fall. Contact a company that offers tree pruning services to learn more.