2 Issues In Tree Removal That Aren't As Complicated As They Seem At First

Tree removal involves a lot of planning and discussion, depending on the reason why the tree has to come down. Any hiccups in the process can make the removal seem a lot more complicated. While it's true that having to take extra steps to get the tree out safely can be more time-consuming, they're usually not that bad when you put things into perspective. You may have to wait a bit as the situation gets straightened out, but with the help of a tree service, that won't take very long.

The Tree Has a Landmark or Other Protected Status

Usually, a dead tree on your private property is one that you can have removed whenever you want it done. However, if the tree has a special status in the city or county that you live in, such as being a heritage tree that the city has given special recognition to, you may need to get a permit first. Now, if the tree is verifiably dead or a tree service can vouch that the tree is so damaged that it poses a danger to those living around it, your chances of getting that permit are good. But you'll want the tree service's help in getting that permit. They know the best wording to use on the application and have the ability to prove that the tree needs to go. Don't waste time thinking you'll handle the entire permit process yourself. Find a tree service that will help you with the paperwork in addition to the actual tree-cutting.

The Tree Is Inaccessible to Tree-Cutting Equipment

How many yards have you been in where the entrances to the yard are very narrow? There's no way a wood chipper or backhoe would fit through those, so how will the crew get rid of the huge tree that you want removed? Well, it may take a longer time, but the crew can cut the tree into smaller parts and transport those out of the yard, rather than lugging a lot of heavy equipment inside. Don't assume the task can't be done because you think the crew will need huge pieces of equipment. Have tree services take a look, and have them explain how they would be able to remove the tree.

Despite any issues you may have to address, you'll eventually be able to remove the tree. Have patience, contract with a great tree service that knows the ins and outs of permit applications, and ask as many questions about the removal process as you need to. One day this will all be complete, and your yard will be a nicer, healthier place for you and your family to be in. Contact a tree removal service near you to learn more.