3 Benefits Of Choosing Natural Wood Mulch Instead Of Rubber Mulch For Your Playground

If you're putting a playground in your yard, one of the most important decisions you'll have to make is what to use for the playground's surface. Playground mulch needs to be comfortable to walk on, and it also needs to be as soft as possible to reduce the likelihood of injury if someone falls off a swing or a slide and lands on it.

Wood mulch and rubber mulch are both suitable choices for a playground surface because they're soft and durable. Of these two options, wood mulch is often the best choice. To learn three benefits of choosing wood mulch instead of rubber mulch for your playground, read on.

1. Wood Mulch Stays Cool in the Sun

One of the biggest disadvantages of using rubber mulch for your playground is that rubber absorbs a lot of heat from the sun. Rubber mulch can become too hot for kids to walk on with their bare feet if it's in direct sunlight all day. Wood mulch doesn't heat up as much when it's exposed to sunlight, which makes it a more comfortable surface to use for playgrounds.

2. Wood Mulch Is Healthier for Nearby Plants

Another downside of rubber mulch is that it can harm plants that are near your playground. Rubber mulch is typically made from recycled sources like old car tires, and recycled rubber can potentially contain chemicals that are harmful to plants. Old car tires, for example, can pick up chemicals from the road.

When rubber mulch starts to break down, it can release these chemicals into the soil. Rain can also leach harmful chemicals from the rubber and carry them toward nearby plants. Wood mulch doesn't have this problem since it won't potentially contain harmful chemicals. In addition, wood mulch can make nearby plants healthier. As wood mulch breaks down, it will release minerals like potassium into the soil that plants can use for food.

3. Wood Mulch Decomposes and Returns to the Soil Naturally

Rubber mulch breaks down more slowly than wood mulch. Unfortunately, this can pose a problem for your yard. Rubber mulch that's blown around by the wind can end up scattered around your yard, where it will linger for a long time instead of breaking down like wood mulch. Kids can also track rubber mulch around the yard on their shoes after they've finished playing in the playground.

Overall, the fact that wood mulch doesn't heat up as much in the sun and won't harm your plants typically makes it the best choice for playground mulch. As an added bonus, it's also less expensive than rubber mulch. If you're putting a playground in your yard, choose wood mulch to give your kids the best experience. 

For more info about playground mulch, contact a local company.