Tree Removal: Know When It's Appropriate To Fell Some Trees In Your Yard

Trees are a favorite part of most people's home landscape. However, as they grow bigger, maintaining them becomes an increasingly challenging task. Most of them become a liability, especially when they die and end being removed. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly check the condition of your trees and contact a professional in tree removal services as soon as you see signs of a dying tree. Only tree removal professionals can tell the difference between the tree you need to remove and the kind to nurse back to health. [Read More]

Tree Removal Challenges And How Professionals Overcome Them

Tree removal is hard, often hazardous work to begin with. When you add in a complication (such as a dead tree that's not stable), the job can get even trickier. Here are a few of the challenges that can come with tree removal and how a tree removal professional can overcome them. 1. Tree too close to something If a tree is right next to a structure, you can't just chop through the trunk and let it fall wherever it wants. [Read More]

Tree Removal Projects To Clear Landscaping Of Hazards And Prepare For Renovations

The trees in your landscaping that are hazards may also be a problem if you want to do renovations. Removal might be the best solution to keep your property safe and prepare to renovate landscaping. There is going to be some planning that needs to be done before removing trees and beginning landscaping renovations. The following tree removal planning is going to help you get ready for renovations. Identifying the Hazardous Trees [Read More]

Guidelines For Pruning A 3- or 4-Year-Old Shade Tree

Once they are mature, shade trees don't require much trimming, aside from the occasional removal of a dead or damaged branch. When they are young, however, shade trees need to be carefully pruned in order to ensure they develop a healthy and attractive shape when they are older. The most crucial time in a young shade tree's life is between the ages of three and four. By this time, the tree has developed enough branches that it can tolerate you removing a few for shaping purposes. [Read More]