5 Rookie Errors You Can Avoid By Choosing Professional Tree Trimming

Professional tree trimming services can offer more value than simply hiring a handyman with a chainsaw. Not only are these professionals more experienced at what they're doing, but they have the knowledge and expertise to prune out tree branches that need to be removed and leave the important ones. Here are some rookie errors you can avoid by choosing professional tree trimming. 1. Tearing bark If a branch is removed without proper technique, including careful cuts from both below and above, the branch could fall from its own weight before the chainsaw cuts all the way through the bark on the bottom side of the branch. [Read More]

3 Things Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Tree Trimming Services

Trees can improve the aesthetic value of any space, including your home. Apart from beauty, trees also offer a relaxing environment to help you unwind after a busy day at work. Considering these benefits, you can see why it is essential to care of them. In fact, the lifespan of your trees depends on how seriously you cater to their needs. Unless you are a tree expert, you might not know what it takes to keep your trees in good shape. [Read More]

Basic Tree Care Advice For New Homeowners

When you first buy a home, everyone always tells you how important it is to care for the lawn and maintain the interior. What they don't always mention is how to care for your trees. It's true that trees are pretty independent plants and don't require a lot of ongoing care from their owners. However, some care is necessary to keep them healthy, strong, and safe. Here are the basic tree care tips you need to know as a new homeowner. [Read More]

Four Ornamental Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Replacement Landscape Tree

Whether you're planning a tree removal or have recently had one, you'll need to consider carefully what tree or trees to plant as replacements. Your tree service expert can help you choose trees based on which types will do well in your area and fit well in your yard. Here are some of the ornamental aspects of a tree to consider when choosing one to replace a previous tree. 1. Leaf color and shape [Read More]