Is a Household Member Allergic to Pollen? 4 Reasons to Remove a Tree

As a homeowner, you may want to make sure that your property is always able to accommodate everyone in the house. So, when you learn that a household member is allergic to tree pollen and you have a large tree on the landscape producing pollen, you should come up with a solution. While removing the tree may be a large undertaking, you will benefit from understanding all the reasons why getting this professional service is an excellent idea for your family. [Read More]

Your Trees Deserve Some Attention, Too!

When homeowners take care of their landscaping, they often focus on the lawn and the garden beds. It's common for them to more-or-less ignore the trees, treating them like stationary objects that just happen to be there. But trees are alive, too. They're a living, breathing part of your landscape, and just like the lawn and flowers, they can benefit from some attention. That attention just needs to come in a different form, which is explained below. [Read More]

Pruning Guidelines For Deciduous Trees And Shrubs

Deciduous trees are the ones that lose their leaves every fall and enter winter dormancy. To ensure healthy leaf production every spring, proper trimming is needed during the active growing season. The following information can help ensure your deciduous trees get the care that they need. Prune Early, But Not Too Early Timing is very important when pruning a deciduous tree. The tree must be pruned before it begins to produce leaves and flowers in the spring. [Read More]

Moisture Management For Landscape Trees

Trees are often ignored when it comes to watering, perhaps because it is assumed that they get sufficient moisture from the lawn or from deep in the soil. While this is sometimes true, at other times trees may suffer due to drought stress, even if the lawn nearby is green and lush. The following guide can help you better manage irrigation for your landscape trees. Drought Stress Signs Know the signs of drought stress so you can recognize and correct this problem before permanent damage occurs. [Read More]