Emerald Ash Borers: A Pain In The Ash Tree

You likely appreciate the trees in your yard that belong to the ash species, or you wouldn't have them. But your beloved trees need more than regular watering. They also need for you to educate yourself on the various threats that they need to be protected from, and then they need you to take the appropriate steps to protect them from those threats. One of the threats to your trees comes in the form of a beetle: the emerald ash beetle. [Read More]

3 Most Common Ways To Remove A Stump

After you cut down the trees in your yard that you don't want, you are left with stumps that have to e dealt with one way or another. When it comes to dealing with the stumps in your yard, you have a few different options. You can use chemicals to decompose the stump, use a backhoe to remove the stump, or you can hire a stump removal service to come out and grind up the stump. [Read More]

Three Things You Need To Know About Helping A Newly Planted Tree Thrive

If you're like most people who have recently purchased property for the first time, you're probably looking forward to doing a lot of other things for the first time as well — such as planting the first new tree in your yard. Even if you've already got existing trees, there's nothing quite like planting your own tree after you move into a new home and watching it grow over the years. [Read More]

How To Prevent Bark Damage On Trees

The bark is more than just the tough protective outer coating of your tree's trunk, it also encases the cambium which is the vascular system for your tree. If the bark and cambium layers suffer too much damage, the tree will sicken and die. The following information can help you prevent common types of bark damage on your landscape trees. Rope Girdling Tying a rope around a tree may seem less invasive and damaging than driving a nail into the trunk, but it can actually result in worse damage. [Read More]