Caring For A Backyard Crabapple Tree

Crabapple trees have become quite a common choice for backyards. They flower beautifully in the spring and display their small, red fruits in the fall. Their small size also makes them easy to keep trimmed and well cared for. Crabapples are not too demanding when it comes to care. Most modern varieties are resistant to common fungal diseases, which means you don't need to spray them. However, there are a few guidelines you should follow to keep your tree in good shape. [Read More]

4 Risks Of Removing Trees Yourself

If you have trees in your yard you want to remove, you should be aware of the risks that come with removing trees on your own. Removing trees can be dangerous work, which is why you need to be aware of the risks. #1: Power Lines If you have overhead power lines on your property, you need to be careful. You should always assume that any overhead power lines are live and could harm you and knock out the power if your tree hits the line. [Read More]

Subtle Trunk Problems That May Mean Your Tree Needs To Be Removed

In addition to keeping an eye on the foliage and branches of your tree, you should also keep an eye on its trunk. Sometimes, an obvious problem such as a physical injury will notify you of an issue. Other times, trunk problems may have less obvious signs that you may only detect if you look closely. Here are four of these subtle trunk red flags that may be worse than they look and could mean your tree is dying and will need to be removed. [Read More]

5 Rookie Errors You Can Avoid By Choosing Professional Tree Trimming

Professional tree trimming services can offer more value than simply hiring a handyman with a chainsaw. Not only are these professionals more experienced at what they're doing, but they have the knowledge and expertise to prune out tree branches that need to be removed and leave the important ones. Here are some rookie errors you can avoid by choosing professional tree trimming. 1. Tearing bark If a branch is removed without proper technique, including careful cuts from both below and above, the branch could fall from its own weight before the chainsaw cuts all the way through the bark on the bottom side of the branch. [Read More]