Oak Tree Getting Large? 2 Things You Can Do To Keep The Tree Healthy

If you have an oak tree in your yard, and it is getting large, you need to do some maintenance to the tree to keep it growing healthy. Below are two maintenance tips you can start out with. Trim the Tree If the oak tree has not been trimmed in some time, this can cause the tree to have issues growing correctly. This is because the canopy becomes so full that the sun cannot shine through it to provide the tree with much-needed sunlight. [Read More]

The Need For Stump Grinding

When a tree has been cut down, the stump will often be next. Technicians use specialized equipment to make this happen.  Tree Removal Technicians Will Need to Utilize Specialized Machines in Order to Effectively Eliminate The Stumps of Trees The machines that grind tree stumps are often made using components that are constructed out of steel. They'll have wheels that will cut the wood material of the stump. These wheels have very sharp and pointed teeth that are also made from steel. [Read More]

Stump Grinding Protects People With A Lot Of Children

Stumps may not seem like a big deal to leave in a yard. Some people even find them attractive and use them as a decorative item in ways that others do not. However, tolerating a stump in a family with many children — and many child visitors — is not wise. That's because stumps can be surprisingly dangerous and must, instead, be removed by grinding to protect visitors from any danger. [Read More]

Reasons To Consider Moving Or Removing A Tree

Do you have a tree on your property in a location that concerns you? If so, you may need to consider either removing the tree entirely or having it relocated to a better location in your yard. The following can help you determine whether or not the tree should be removed from its current location. Foundation Concerns The main reason most people end up removing or moving a tree is due to concerns about the roots. [Read More]