Reviving An Overgrown Landscape: 3 Tips

Do you have a landscape that has become overgrown and messy? Chances are there are shrubs that are several feet taller than they should be, trees with broken limbs, and maybe even some bushes with dead branches hidden within them. A big part of reviving the landscape will be working with a tree trimming company to prune and rehab the trees, bushes, and shrubs. Here are a few tips that should help you out with that part of the work. [Read More]

Is Crown Twist Affecting Your Landscape Trees?

A tree's growth habit and form are determined by many factors, including the species of the tree, its exposure to wind and sun, and the way it is pruned. The crown twist is a growth habit that can be detrimental to a tree's stability and appearance. The crown begins to twist in a spiral pattern as it grows. This twist is down the grain of the wood, so it can affect the entire tree canopy. [Read More]

When Homeowners Should Rely On Professional Tree Care Services

Regardless of what type of trees are on your property, they will require regular care. If these particular situations present themselves, then this care should probably come from a professional company. Root Growth Gets Out of Hand  The roots are an important part of any tree, but they're often neglected since they are underground. Something that might happen to them over time is their growth gets out of hand, which can result in severe property damage if you don't respond quickly. [Read More]

4 Unique Tree Trimming Techniques You Should Consider For Shade Trees

Shade trees are an important part of many yards and landscapes, providing beauty and respite from the hot sun. However, they also need regular pruning and maintenance to remain healthy and beautiful. If they're left unkempt, they can become overgrown and attract unwanted pests. Your arborist can help you with pruning. Depending on the size and shape of your trees, there are several unique tree-trimming techniques you should consider. Crown Raising [Read More]