4 Tree Trimming Designs You Should Consider For A Child-Friendly Playground

Playgrounds are an important part of childhood, filled with energy and joy. For children to have the best playground experience, parents must ensure it is safe and suitable for use. Tree trimming can be one of the important steps toward creating a kid-friendly playground. It can help remove potential hazards while also improving the look and feel of the playground. Here are four tree-trimming designs you should consider: Treehouse Trimmed Trees [Read More]

3 Benefits Of Choosing Natural Wood Mulch Instead Of Rubber Mulch For Your Playground

If you're putting a playground in your yard, one of the most important decisions you'll have to make is what to use for the playground's surface. Playground mulch needs to be comfortable to walk on, and it also needs to be as soft as possible to reduce the likelihood of injury if someone falls off a swing or a slide and lands on it. Wood mulch and rubber mulch are both suitable choices for a playground surface because they're soft and durable. [Read More]

2 Issues In Tree Removal That Aren't As Complicated As They Seem At First

Tree removal involves a lot of planning and discussion, depending on the reason why the tree has to come down. Any hiccups in the process can make the removal seem a lot more complicated. While it's true that having to take extra steps to get the tree out safely can be more time-consuming, they're usually not that bad when you put things into perspective. You may have to wait a bit as the situation gets straightened out, but with the help of a tree service, that won't take very long. [Read More]

Reviving An Overgrown Landscape: 3 Tips

Do you have a landscape that has become overgrown and messy? Chances are there are shrubs that are several feet taller than they should be, trees with broken limbs, and maybe even some bushes with dead branches hidden within them. A big part of reviving the landscape will be working with a tree trimming company to prune and rehab the trees, bushes, and shrubs. Here are a few tips that should help you out with that part of the work. [Read More]