3 Tree Trimming Techniques That Yield The Best Results

Trees are an excellent addition to have on your property. They can help you lower your air conditioning bills and improve the overall beauty of your surroundings. However, they also need constant care from professionals if you want them to stay healthy for decades. Trimming is one of the tree care practices that will help you improve your tree health. Consider these three techniques that will yield the best results. [Read More]

Avoiding And Remedying Dothistroma Needle Blight In Pine Trees

If you have pine trees on your property, especially Ponderosa pine or Austrian pine varieties, knowing about Dothistroma Needle Blight is important so you can save trees that happen to come down with this disease. Here are steps to take to protect your pines and how to aid in reviving them if any of the trees you own suffer from this condition. Know The Indicators Of The Disease A tree that is diseased with Dothistroma Needle Blight will have pine needles that have turned brown at the tips. [Read More]

Add Accessibility To Your Yard By Removing Old Stumps

Proper upkeep of your yard can be an overwhelming task, especially if you or anyone in your home has mobility concerns. If accessibility is a priority for your property, it's good to make changes to your landscaping.  If your yard has stumps present from trees that were previously cut down, consider the following reasons why you should have them removed.  Possibility of Injuries  A common concern with yards that have overgrown grass and other plants is a higher chance of items and debris being hidden. [Read More]

Dead Tree? Don't Let Nature Take Its Course

Out in the forest, trees die all of the time. Nature then takes its course. The dead tree may eventually fall, and bacteria and fungi will consume much of it. Since this is what happens naturally, you may be tempted to just let nature take its course if there's a dead tree in your yard. However, that's not the smartest approach. It's usually best to have a tree removal company come to remove the treeā€”for the following reasons. [Read More]